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13 January 2015 @ 08:55 pm


CHALLENGE: Predict who will say the last word in Friday's all-new episode! (Referring to the last word spoken - not including musical numbers. Comment edits will not be accepted.


  • Rachel

  • Blaine

  • Sam

  • Kurt

  • Sue

  • Will

  • Santana

  • Brittany

  • Other (this is a catchall category that will include any and all characters not mentioned above)

POINTS: 5 points for entering a guess, and a bonus 15 if you guess correctly.

DEADLINE: Quick deadline for a quick challenge. All you need to do is give me a name by January 16th at 11:59am, EST. (Time Left)
10 January 2015 @ 09:38 pm


CHALLENGE: Solve the fallen phrase puzzles under the cut.


  • All three of the puzzles below are quotes from the television show Glee. Any quote from the Pilot (1x01) to Homecoming (6x02) is fair game may be included.

  • Please note that I took these quotes from internet websites and did not transcribe them myself. I take responsibility for any mistakes in the wording as it differs from the "true" spoken statements as aired.

  • Regardless of any differences that may arise, please solve the puzzle as it is presented to you.

  • You may either submit the solution on the image via Photoshop or an image editing program, or simply type it into a new comment. If you choose to type the quote, please make sure they are correct.

  • Hints pertaining to strategy may be shared in your teem communities, however please refrain from giving material hints regarding which character may have said the quote, which episode it appears in, eccetera.


POINTS: 10 points for solving each puzzle for a maximum of 30.

DEADLINE: January 17th at 11:59pm, EST. (Time Left)
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09 January 2015 @ 01:17 pm


CHALLENGE: Create sig tags gleeverse members!


*Remember, these are Glee-related ONLY.

Remember to check THIS POST for the rules of the challenge; any and all questions should be sent there. This is for requesting and posting tags only. YOU MUST ALSO POST THE URLS TO EACH TAG YOU POST AT THE SUBMISSIONS POST OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE POINTS FOR YOUR TAGS.

DEADLINE: January 23, at 11:59pm, EST. (Time Left)
09 January 2015 @ 01:13 pm


CHALLENGE: Create tag banners gleeverse members!


  • I'm sure you guys knew this one was coming!

  • Here at gleeverse, we offer a 1-point bonus to any member who uses a tag banner when submitting their entries to the challenges (unless otherwise stated). These bonus points will begin with the next challenge (Challenge 2). A tag banner is a small graphic with your team name and your name - simple as that.

  • I will also award an additional sum of points (TBA) if a member has "perfect attendance" with their sig tag bonus, if said member has participated in at least 75% of the challenges by the end of the round.

  • Each banner must be no bigger than 300x150px.

  • At the gifting post, you will leave a comment to the entry with Name (or preferred nickname), your team and your favourite characters, moments, songs, etc. (must be Glee-related).

  • Any other gleeverse member can then create a tag banner for you based on your interests and reply to your comment.

  • Last, but perhaps more important - you are not posting your tags/request forms here. They are posted on a separate post HERE. When you've completed your tags, you must reply at this post, the submissions post, under your team thread with the URLS to your tag comments so I can tally them. ***Submission links and actual tags are in two different posts.*** If you do not post your URLs, you will not receive any points. It is not necessary to post a link to your form.

  • My points will be given to the team with the lowest amount of points at the deadline.

POINTS: 5 points per tag to a maximum of 25, plus 5 points for filling in a form. 30 points total.

DEADLINE: January 23, at 11:59pm, EST. (Time Left)
09 January 2015 @ 12:50 pm
Alright! Our mini-sectional is now under way! Everyone that applied for a spot should not be sorted into a team. THE TROUBLETONES were, by far, the most popular team, and I apologize for not giving you all your first choice! We have about 8 members per team - which is more than I anticipated! - so we're going to have a nice, intimate little round. Remember that I'm still accepting members for the duration of the round. If you have any friends or former members that you still keep in touch with and you think they'd like to participate, please send them our way.

This is not only open to former members, either. New members are totally welcome!


This is a screenshot of our spreadsheet (totally blown up, thanks Macbook) -- I have a few adjustments I have to make before I release it for you all, but until then, this is how the teams are shaping up:
Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.41.35 PM

I've actually decided to forego team captains. As there's only about 8 people on each team, I feel like things will fall into place naturally. Please feel free to inform me if that is not suitable for you, and we can work out a "team captain" structure.

The first challenge will be posted later this afternoon (because homework), and a few more will be added in the next couple days. As of right now, I'm looking at one a day for the next four!

I am looking forward to getting the ball rolling again.  For those of you that still watch the show, I hope you're excited for tonight's premiere! For those of you that have retired from Glee (myself included), thank you so much for coming back for one last hurrah.
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  • It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since we said goodbye to gleeverse! I hope you've all been well. I still keep in contact with a few of you, but I've found myself missing this community more and more each day. I don't watch Glee any longer, but I will always love it for the relationships and experiences it's given me since that very first pilot episode.

  • On top of those well wishes in your personal lives, I hope you all have just as fond memories of your time in this community as I do. I know it wasn't always flawless for all involved, but the memories remind me of a time when I found comfort in a TV show about a bunch of misfits, and I will always cherish being the mod here for over two years.

  • Now that Glee is entering it's final season, I've decided, for old time's sake (because I'm nostalgic), that it's time to bring it back. Read on to learn more.

So! Are you in? If so, please fill in the form below and reserve your spot. Comments are not screened. I've also left a space below for general comments or questions should you have any. If anyone is interested in being a team captain, please indicate that below as well!


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01 August 2011 @ 12:37 pm

Before you fill in the text box below and apply, please read the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Applications:

1. Please ensure that you will be able to enter at least one challenge every two weeks. You do not have to participate in everything, but please participate in something! If you do not participate, you will be removed from the community. :) If you'd like to see what types of challenges we have, check out sectionals!
2. Please rank your choice of team (New Directions, Cheerios or Teachers) in your application. If you have no preference, you may leave this section blank. To help you rank your choices, our teams have put together public posts to introduce you to their teams. Check them out below to help you make your decision!

3. Please do not join the community before applying. When you are assigned to a team, a mod will invite you to gleeverse, our challenge community sectionals and your team community.
4. When applying, if you were referred by a current member, please try to give me their username. All members that refer members will receive bonus points. :)

Note: Teams must remain equal (or very close to equal) to have a fair chance of earning points. You may not always be assigned to your first choice team, but remember, it's not the name that counts! Look at those posts above - the teams are much more than the names they're given!

Thank you for applying! We hope you enjoy your stay at gleeverse!

24 July 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Hey guys! In preparation for Sectional 8, I've been sorting out the membership for all of the teams. Please check the spreadsheet below to make sure you are one it. If you are not on it, you did not vote to continue in the membership poll at your community, or you did not participate in the last 2 weeks.

If you'd like to continue, and are not on the list already, please leave me a comment here. If you do not reply you will be removed from all gleeverse communities by August 1.

24 May 2011 @ 07:21 pm
1. As per Live Journal policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to participate in gleeverse.

2. Respect is a mutual thing! Respect your team mates, as well as all other teams. Bashing and flaming will not be tolerated. (This include characters of Glee as well!) It is, all in good fun after all!

3. gleeverse and sectionals are closed communities that may only be posted in by mods. Any promotions, discussion and social activities are housed in the social community, slushie_war

4. You must participate in at least 1 challenge every 2 weeks. gleeverse has a variety of challenges in hopes that at least one will interest everyone. We are not asking you to participate in everything, nor do we want to pressure you into doing so, but we do ask that you participate in something.

5. Each challenge post contains guidelines for each challenge. It is important to make sure that you follow any specific instructions in those posts. Not following these guidelines will result in your points not counting for that challenge.

6. We are a spoiler-free zone. If you would like to discuss spoilers or use spoilers in your entries, please make sure they are warned accordingly.

7. Please keep your ratings PG-13 for activities that involve voting. For participation only challenges, feel free to use higher ratings as long as you warn accordingly.