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CHALLENGE: Create a set of icons detailing the progression of a single character throughout the series.


  • Time for a good old graphics challenge!

  • Glee's been on for 6 seasons, and our favourite characters have certainly grown and changed since the first. For this challenge, you'll be making a set of four icons that illustrate that growth.

  • The only stipulation for this challenge is that the icons must be of the same character, apart from that, the only limit is your creativity.

  • I am not placing any restrictions on the amount of time you must span for your "timeline," but the goal is to illustrate their visual (or even non-visual) character development of the character throughout the seasons.

  • When submitting your icons, please submit all four in one comment, in the order you'd like them to be presented during voting. I'd appreciate if they could be uploaded to an anonymous server with URLS available for quick copying and pasting.

POINTS: 30 points per set, maximum one set per person. Additional points will follow after voting.

DEADLINE: January 20, 2015 at 11:59pm, EDT. (Time Left)
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