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Before you fill in the text box below and apply, please read the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Applications:

1. Please ensure that you will be able to enter at least one challenge every two weeks. You do not have to participate in everything, but please participate in something! If you do not participate, you will be removed from the community. :) If you'd like to see what types of challenges we have, check out sectionals!
2. Please rank your choice of team (New Directions, Cheerios or Teachers) in your application. If you have no preference, you may leave this section blank. To help you rank your choices, our teams have put together public posts to introduce you to their teams. Check them out below to help you make your decision!

3. Please do not join the community before applying. When you are assigned to a team, a mod will invite you to gleeverse, our challenge community sectionals and your team community.
4. When applying, if you were referred by a current member, please try to give me their username. All members that refer members will receive bonus points. :)

Note: Teams must remain equal (or very close to equal) to have a fair chance of earning points. You may not always be assigned to your first choice team, but remember, it's not the name that counts! Look at those posts above - the teams are much more than the names they're given!

Thank you for applying! We hope you enjoy your stay at gleeverse!

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